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Virtual Photonics

Public classBindableObject
Implements the INotifyPropertyChanged interface and exposes a RaisePropertyChanged method for derived classes to raise the PropertyChange event. The event arguments created by this class are cached to prevent managed heap fragmentation. Adapted from Josh Smith's post: http://joshsmithonwpf.wordpress.com/2007/08/29/a-base-class-which-implements-inotifypropertychanged/ Added SetProperty method to simplify set operations. Changed "RaisePropertyChanged" to "OnPropertyChanged" so as to work with INotifyPropertyChangedPlus, enabling compatibility with the DependsOn attribute and PropertyDependencyManager classes
Public classBindableObjectWithChangeTracking
Public classDependsOnAttribute
The DependsOn attribute contains no logic at all, it is just an attribute with a string collection property.
Public classEnumExtensions
Public classEnumHelper
Public classGlobalConstants
Class of global constants
Public classOpticalProperties
Describes optical properties needed as input for various forward solver models.
Public classPropertyDependencyManager
Class to manage dependencies of INotifyPropertyChanged objects, as suggested by Tomas Elison here: http://neilmosafi.blogspot.com/2008/07/is-inotifypropertychanged-anti-pattern.html This class builds a dependency graph the "right" way. It knows for example that if Quantity is changed, TotalPrice has asked to be informed about this. The PropertyDependencyManager listens to the PropertyChanged event for any class that is registered with it and uses the dependency graph to propagate the events the right way.
Public classRange T 
Immutable class that specifies a range of values and allows enumeration
Public classTuple TFirst, TSecond 
Public classTuple TFirst, TSecond, TThird 

Public interfaceIChangeTracking
Interface to enable change tracking in POCO classes
Public interfaceIForwardSolver
Defines contract for a forward solver
Public interfaceINotifyPropertyChangedPlus
Public interfaceIOldForwardSolver
Old interface for Forward Solver
Public interfaceIOldOptimizer
This is the contract for the inverse solver
Public interfaceIOptimizer
This is the contract for the inverse solver

Public enumerationAbsorptionCoefficientUnit
Enum to represent the possible absorption coefficient inputs
Public enumerationAbsorptionWeightingType
Absorption weighting type used within Monte Carlo code
Public enumerationAnalyzerType
Analyzer types
Public enumerationBloodConcentrationUnit
units allowed for blood concentration
Public enumerationChromophoreCoefficientType
chromophore coefficient types
Public enumerationChromophoreType
chromophore types
Public enumerationColormapType
Available choices for mapping grayscale intensity. These names taken from matlab.
Public enumerationConcentrationUnits
concentration units
Public enumerationDependentVariableAxisUnits
dependent variable axis unit types
Public enumerationFluenceSolutionDomainType
fluence solution domain types
Public enumerationForwardAnalysisType
forward analysis types
Public enumerationForwardSolverType
Types of Forward solvers in our gui
Public enumerationIndependentVariableAxis
independent variable axis tyeps
Public enumerationIndependentVariableAxisUnits
independent variable axis unit types. These are the default units used throughout code
Public enumerationInputParameterType
input parameters types used in the Monte Carlo CommandLine application for parameter sweeps
Public enumerationInverseFitType
inverse solution parameter types
Public enumerationMapType
map plot types
Public enumerationMeasuredDataType
measured data type
Public enumerationMieScattererType
Types of Mie Scatterers
Public enumerationMolarUnit
molar unit units
Public enumerationOptimizerType
types of optimization methods
Public enumerationPhaseFunctionType
Phase function type used within the Monte Carlo code
Public enumerationPlotNormalizationType
plot normalization types
Public enumerationPlotToggleType
plot toggle types
Public enumerationRandomNumberGeneratorType
Random number generator types
Public enumerationReflectancePlotType
reflectance plot types
Public enumerationScalingType
scaling types
Public enumerationScatteringType
ScatteringType used within Modeling\Spectroscopy
Public enumerationSolutionDomainType
Reflectance solution domain types
Public enumerationSolverType
solver type. Added to determine which panel is in context LMM
Public enumerationSpatialDomainType
spatial-frequency domain types
Public enumerationTimeDomainType
temporal-frequency domain types
Public enumerationTissueType
tissue types
Public enumerationWavelengthUnit
Enum to represent the possible wavelength and wavenumber inputs