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Public classBSplinesCoefficients
This class holds the coefficients of the non vanishing B-slines over a single knot span and the upper and lower limit of the knot span mapped to the non parametric space. This values are used to evaluate analitically the steady state reflectance for the real domain and for the spatial frequancy domain through the integration of the time resolved curves at the required locations. The effect of the linear mapping from the original space to the parametric space is embedded within this coefficients.
Public classDeltaPOneForwardSolver
Public classDiffusionForwardSolverBase
Public classDiffusionGreensFunctions
This class contains Green's functions based on the infinite media diffusion case. Source-sink(image) configurations are then composed for the semi-infinite half-space too.
Public classDiffusionParameters
This class allows creation and copying of a diffusion parameters object, which contains fields necessary for solution of diffusion models. The creation is made by passing a opticalproperties object.
Public classDistributedGaussianSourceSDAForwardSolver
Evaluation of the distributed Gaussian diffusion forward solver. This model is a specific mathematical derivation in the stationary case for semi-infinite media.
Public classDistributedPointSourceSDAForwardSolver
Contains distributed point source solutions for the diffusion point source-image solution in the semi-infinite domain.
Public classForwardSolverBase
This is a base class for all forward solvers. It contains default (virtual) vectorization methods such that only the scalar solver methods must be implemented to create a new IForwardSolver-implementing class. Override these virtual methods to impose optimizations possible through vectorization.
Public classMonteCarloForwardSolver
Forward solver based on the Scaled Monte Carlo approach, proposed by Kienle and Patterson, used to evaluate the reflectance of a semi-infinite homogenous medium with g = 0.8 and n = 1.4.
Public classMonteCarloLoader
class to handle loading of scaled Monte Carlo database
Public classNurbsForwardSolver
Forward solver based on the Scaled Monte Carlo approach, proposed by Kienle and Patterson, used to evaluate the reflectance of a semi-infinite homogenous medium with g = 0.8 and n = 1.4. The reference time and space resolved reflectance, and the reference spatial frequancy and time resolved reflectance are held in a NurbsGenerator class which computes the interpolation necessary to evaluate the reflectance in the specific domain. The interpolation is based on NURBS surfaces theory. The main reference used to implement this forward solver is 'The NURBS Book' by Las Piegl and Wayne Tiller.
Public classNurbsGenerator
Class that contains the reference NURBS values. Its methods are used to evaluate the value of a point on the NURBS surface or curve using B-splines interpolation, and to evaluate the integral of a NURBS curve.
Public classNurbsValues
Class where the reference values read from binary files in resources are stored.
Public classPointSourceSDAForwardSolver
Public classSFDDiffusionForwardSolver
Class containing diffusion approximation solutions to the RTE in the spatial frequency domain.
Public classStubNurbsGenerator
Class used for Unit testing of the NurbsGenerator methods and of the NurbsForwardSolver class.
Public classVectorizedForwardSolverFuncs

Public interfaceINurbs
Defines the methods and properties that need to be implemented by the NurbsGenerator class and by its stub version, StubNurbsGenerator used for Unit Testing.

Public enumerationForwardModel
ForwardModel enum
Public enumerationNurbsGeneratorType
Defines the nurbs surface physical domain.
Public enumerationNurbsValuesDimensions
Specifies the physical dimension of the NURBS characteristic values. Space refers to both rho or fx.
Public enumerationSourceConfiguration
SourceConfiguration enum