VPVts.IO NamespaceVirtual Photonics - VTS Library
Virtual Photonics

Public classArrayCustomBinaryReader T 
Class that implements the interface ICustomBinaryReader to read different types of Array from a binary stream
Public classArrayCustomBinaryWriter T 
Class that implements the interface ICustomBinaryWriter to write different types of Array to a binary stream
Public classCustomBinaryStreamWriter T 
Class to write specified types to a binary stream
Public classFileIO
This class includes methods for saving and loading XML and binary data It uses custom iterators for saving (unfortunately, nothing as useful for reading value types) Currently, float, double and ushort are supported (and they're processed in that order)
Public classKnownTypes
Class created to work-around the issues with the DataContractSerializer in Mono
Public classLibraryIO
This class includes methods for dynamically loading DLLs
Public classMetaData
This class will create metadata objects that will aid in the reading of binary files created with the BinaryWriter tools
Public classStreamFinder
Implements static functions for returning streams from various locations (resources, file system, etc)

Public interfaceICustomBinaryReader T 
General interface to read a specified type from binary
Public interfaceICustomBinaryWriter T 
General interface to write a specified type to binary