VPVts.SpectralMapping NamespaceVirtual Photonics - VTS Library
Virtual Photonics

Public classChromophoreAbsorber
Class to represent a chromophore absorber
Public classChromophoreSpectrum
A class representing the chromophore spectrum data
Public classChromophoreSpectrumDictionary
A class representing a dictionary of the chromophore spectrum data Added a collection data contract to define the node names and namespace when serializing and deserializing the class.
Public classChromophoreSpectrumExtensions
Public classIntralipidScatterer
An intralipid scatterer, based on Mie theory fit to experimental data by van Staveren et al. For more info, visit http://omlc.ogi.edu/spectra/intralipid/index.html
Public classMieScatterer
This class implements the formulation by Craig F. Bohren, Donald R. Huffman "Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles", Wiley Sci., 1983 Additional information can be found at Oregon Medical Center web-page: http://omlc.ogi.edu/classroom/ece532/class3/mie.html
Public classPowerLawScatterer
Returns scattering values based on Steve Jacques' Skin Optics Summary: http://omlc.ogi.edu/news/jan98/skinoptics.html This returned reduced scattering follows the approximate formula: mus' = A1*lamda(-b1) + A2*lambda(-b2)
Public classSpectralConverter
Class to convert imported spectral data to uniform values
Public classSpectralDatabase
This static class provides simple, application-wide access to the loaded spectra.
Public classTissue
Class to represent a tissue
Public classTissueProvider

Public interfaceIAbsorber
Interface contract for all absorber implementations
Public interfaceIChromophoreAbsorber
A general interface for a chromophore absorber
Public interfaceIScatterer
Interface contract for all Scatterer implementations
Public interfaceISpectrum
General interface for any spectrum (ie. ChromophoreSpectrum or ScatteringSpectrum)