VPVts.MonteCarlo.Tissues NamespaceVirtual Photonics - VTS Library
Virtual Photonics

Public classCylinderRegion
Implements ITissueRegion. Defines cylindrical region with dimensions Center, Radius and Height.
Public classEllipsoidRegion
Implements ITissueRegion. Defines ellipsiod given Center, and Axis radii along x,y,z axis.
Public classLayerRegion
Implements ITissueRegion. Defines a layer infinite in extent along x,y-axes and with extent along z-axis given by ZRange.
Public classMultiLayerTissue
Implements ITissue. Defines tissue geometries comprised of layers (including homogenous with air layers above and below). Layers are infinite along x- and y- axes.
Public classSingleInclusionTissue
Implements ITissue. Defines a tissue geometry comprised of an inclusion embedded within a layered slab.
Public classTissueBase
Base class for all tissue definitions.
Public classVoxelRegion
Implements ITissueRegion. Defines Cartesian coordinate voxel with x,y,z ranges.